Chapter 10: Return the favour

I said “By all means please tell me”

Ashutosh Rane “Wait for my call”

The line just went dead, it was like not even a millisecond here and there and it was dead. Never mind I owe him and there is no denying about it so no worries. I turned to Payal just to complete my rest of lines, picked the glass from the table and was off to have a sip and ‘tring tring’ my phone rang again. I swore what is wrong why I can’t get a drink that too after ages that I have come out; the fact I was out a couple of hours ago. Saw the screen it said unidentified number; I said to myself this is something real serious now.


Just the neutral voice “Prithvi it is me, the line was not secure and you know how it is; there is always a check, so could not use my phone”

“No worries sir great to get a call from you after ages, how are you?”

Ashutosh “I am good, everything fine at your end? Well I have called you because I need you return me a favour”

Before I could reply that how are things at my end, he just came to the point. I always appreciated and respected his trait on getting to the point by bypassing the formalities to the least “Sure sir, please tell me”

Ashutosh “You in Nagpur right now is that correct?”

“Yes sir, I am”

Ashutosh “You remember I have godchild of mine in Nagpur”

“Yes sir, I do”

“Yesterday, in the evening at AJ’s pub Reenu was there. She was out with her friends for Saturday party and I believe she had some drinks. Close to midnight, she was off to come back, when she and her friends were stopped and harassed while moving out. The epic did not end there when they got on the wheel; they were followed and stopped by again. There were two guys and two girls including Reenu. The car was stopped and the guys were made to walk out of the car. The girls were taken into another car and driven off.”

“What, how can that happen, just like that”

The voice not that strong anymore “it was done at the gun point, the guy who tried to stop him was shot on the right leg, luckily the bullet did not hit the bone, bruised away with a part of flesh. The other one was hit with the butt of the gun and fainted. The guy called his friends and was rushed to the hospital in the wee hours. Luckily the guy who was shot was not drinking and hence the medication could work on him but there was a lot of blood loss that had already happened. He is in critical condition due to blood loss as it took some time to find them out and go the hospital the other guy is fine. As the bullet was fired a case was lodged and the whole ‘panchanama’ happened and in the report it is said some unidentified goon fired and sped away”

“Who was he?”

“Raj, he had taken Reenu and her friend to some wasted place and tried their hands on them.” The voice almost chocking and hardly coming out of his vocal cords now “they could not get them quiet and but they made sure that Reenu’s face was with broken bones and so were the ribs, the other girl could manage to rescue herself with some bruises, the other girl raised the alarm and everything ended in the hospital. Again a complaint lodged, as beaten by unidentified goons”

A brief silence on the phone on both ends, for me to comprehend every bit of it and for him to recoup with himself

Now the voice came loud and angry on the phone “I want that guy down, with broken bones which should be made sure that he does move his ass out for at least next 3 months.”

“Hmm, how is Reenu and her friends now and how are you?”

Ashutosh “Prithvi, I would feel only better when I see him on the hospital bed, the tests confirmed nothing had happened to Reenu and her friend physically but….” after few more seconds “He is again right now at AJ’s pub, take him down”


“Sir just one thing, why?” I would not have dared to ask that question would I have been in services but this was personal and I could ask him

Ashutosh “There was a constable, to collect the pie. Raj was making a lot of noise just outside the door, the constable intervened, the constable got a blow on his face and he started abusing the police in general. Reenu intervened got the constable back on his feet and had an argument about the whole thing”

“That is it?”

Ashutosh “That is it”

“Any precautions?”

“Change the number plate of your car; you know which one to use, no eyebrows to be raised, keep it as low as possible. You are grounded till I tell you next”

“You would get a call in 50 minutes”

Click call ended

“Payal we got to go now”

Payal “ok”

She knew exactly when to ask and what question to ask, she saw it on my face that it was not the time to ask questions anymore. Payal was always the support in life that any man would look for in his wife. We sat in my car I drove around came to shadowy place, changed my number plates to one of the different state. I asked Payal “Who did you come up with?”

Payal “Shruti and Abhay”

“Where are they?”

Payal a bit hesitant now “for a long drive”

“They are engaged cant they keep their cosiness till the wedding, message Shruti you are going home, Dad came to pick you up and she can come later” She messaged. We were just quiet for the whole drive, I was in the thinking mode and she was just there. The drive was 20 minutes from where we were. Reenu was the Godchild of Ashutosh sir. He did not have any children of his own and all his love was bestowed on Reenu. I knew about Reenu for a lot of reasons but more importantly because she was the only person who really mattered to Ashutosh sir, she is his life. I have seen that man neutral with a number of gruesome, incomprehensible and extremely difficult situations wherein anybody’s heart would skip beats and just not a beat, eyes would turn away and stomach would throw out.

He was a man of Iron and balanced never disturbed but now I saw the other side of the man. Raj is a spoilt brat of a MP. So officially nothing can be accounted for and practically nothing could be done to him. The repercussions would be only a big mess, not because we thought that way, but because we had seen it happening it that way before to a cop, who had taken him in a similar case before.

I had a round about the place first and then stopped my car near the exit wherein I could rush and be on the move. The phone rang again unidentified number “Yes sir”

Ashutosh “Borken ribs and some more here and there I don’t mind, but make sure his face is crushed so that he would not show his face and claim the throne, at least in the near future”

“Yes Sir”

Payal asked “Can I come?”

I said “yes but it is going to be real quick from here alright?”

Payal “with you that is all”

I parked the car myself so the keys were with me, I could see that Payal had noticed the change in the number plate of the car but she did now inquire about it. We went in; saw Raj dancing away to glory. I asked Payal to get herself a drink and I would be back from the washroom. I needed time to think how to get things working now. Checked the place for the camera’s so that nothing is officially to be taken care off. The best place was the distance from the washroom to the exit gate, but washroom is too risky and crowded to keep things in a low note. Will have to check something out, it is not going to be that simple.

I entered inside Raj was beside Payal and there was an animated talk happening, I arrived the talk was loud and attracting attention. I moved in and created a gap.

Raj “hey don’t mess with me, you don’t know who I am, you would be sorry so better move away”

I swore “said just get lost”

Raj “you would repent it, you..”

I caught his right hand just below the bar counter and bent it so that he could move his hand “If you don’t want yourself to be screwed just keep it calm and forget it, or else we both can see each other outside”

I left is hand and he took some time before the pain became bearable for him

“Let’s go” I said to Payal

While coming out I said “Go and sit in the car keep the ignition on and wait for me to be there”

Payal “Just let him be, see really just forget about it please”

“Payal, please do as I have asked you to do”

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