The answer lines within, Talaash

“Koi kab tak duba rahega sahib, kabhi na kabhi toh tayir ke upar ana hi pageda” The much talked about, hyped about and sacrificed movie in the bollywood industry Talash. Directed by Reema Kagti, she has been an assistant director Yeh Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara (2011) and Lagaan (2001). She made her debut as a director with Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. (2206), Talaash is her second movie as Director. Dialogs by Farhan Akhtar, additional dialogs by Anuragh Kashyap. Staring none other than Aamir Khan as Surjan Singh Shekhawat or Suri, Rani Mukerji as Roshni, Kareen Kapoor as Rosy or Simran, Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Tehmur, Shernaz Patel as Frenny as main characters. Music by Ram Sampath, Akhtar  he had been the person responsible for the music of Delhi Belly as well, lyrics by none other than Javed. Produced by Ritesh Sidhwani, Aamir Khan and Farhan Akhtar.


The movie revolves around an Inspector who is encounter specialist, who has been handed over a High Profile Case. The case is of an actor who for reasons unknown drives his car from the road into the sea and dies. The search begins. There is a trivial fight going on with Aamir Khan during the whole movie, because he blames himself for his sons (Karan’s) death. The movie is shifting from the past memories and present case. The past memories that have left Inspector Shekhwat obviously bitter in general, which makes him leave the house every night roaming around the city.


As the story moves further and the case starts unfolding itself. Shekhwat meets Rosy, who helps in solving the case. The case happens to be a three year incident, for which the Actor was been blackmailed. Obviously the case is not A final case (wherein the case is left with no conclusive end) and is solved. As there are good forces so are bad forces. Herein the movie is more than real.


That is for the movie part but there are significant roles played by Tehmur, Rosy, Frenny and Sekhawat. The direction is superbly done, the music is really apt for the movie, out of the 6 tracks of the movie Je Lee Zara scores the most. The dialogs miss the punch though. As the dialogs being natural but nothing to leave a lasting effect and thought over. As compared to Aamir’s previous movies which have been a head on to the issue. This one is far more subtle wherein Drama is the added spice to the dish. Nothing overdone and nothing underdone. Nothing to complain but the take home is also less.


All in all a movie to be watched for the reasons like direction, acting skills, music and simplicity.

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  1. Thanks for the review….. Eagerly waiting to get the opportunity to view this one….

  2. rajni sinha says:

    thanks for the review —–an Amir Khan movie never disappoints –its always good somewhere if not eveywhere

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