Chapter 6: The call still on

There were a zillions questions and a trillion things to tell, all I could say was “How have you been in so many years?”

“It has been four years and three months, a few days here and there I would say” Leela said

“Ok so who is being the filmy style?”


I could not get into a stupid argument for which all I said is “I love you I have nothing else to say, nothing much more beautiful has happened to me, before you and neither after you”

“How many girls did you actually try on; to have such a rustic answer, I don’t understand you are appreciating me or abusing me”

“Leela I did not mean that, you know it”

“Why don’t you learn to speak, and to express yourself as the way you want to mean it?” Leela had a point

I was short of words and overwhelmed with feelings I tried again “What were you upto for four years?”

Leela spoke with change of voice and normally as she would have spoken “Firstly I am glad, you just not talking about love; how much you love me? And all the stars of the galaxy are getting the glitter from me and not the sun.” My heart sank with her words but there is a learning I derived, no matter how much they crib about you being romantic that is all they would remember. So the gist is never stop flirting and being romantic it helps; she continued “well after, we just moved to no dialog mode. I moved out of the city went to Delhi for my masters in Psychology, that was not enough, got diploma in business management, worked in a company as HR, enjoyed life, parties, new friends, usual nothing much you tell me”

This was getting tricky “I completed my grad, went in for Combined Defence Services Exam” Interrupted by her “What?” I continued “Yes I did that cleared all the tests and…..but….I did not complete the course”

“It seems that somebody has learnt to take the responsibility of one’s own act” Leela said

Bitch I muttered to myself “Have you never heard the word courtesy?”

“Not for a loser like you!” her usual reply

I lost it, but kept my calm, finally I got it there is no point speaking to her, let’s just keep it low “Well yes, that is what you can say now because I did not, well, just to tell you and to add some more spice for you, I was looking for something else in life and obviously I did not fit into that domain. Nevertheless it has been one bumpy ride which is all settled and back to hometown and back to work. Nothing much”

“It is difficult to keep you occupied anywhere with anything for long, right?” Leela said

In reality I did complete the course and I tried my best to get into Research & Analytical Wing (RAW), which people only dream off. I did get the breakthrough in it. I had the taste of first training. You know it all starts with boosting morals and making us understand the cause behind it. The ideology behind it, the need behind it, the service behind it. It does not stop there but continues in the form of rigorous training with case studies of different organisations around the world. The usual jargons to be incorporated for the smooth flowing and functioning of the department and field ops. The last in the basic training is to understand the economics, to understand and evaluate the economic movements within and outside the country. That is to understand the movement of money laundering and help to understand the economic crimes against the county; but later I understood it would have been a desk job for me and nothing much. Which was something I was not looking for sure; also it would have been a real waste of money by the government. If I would have been occupying a seat which somebody much more worthy and determined to serve the country would have opted. So I left it; that is my part of the story.

“Well how was your stay in Delhi and how is it going on with Rishi?” I shouldn’t have asked the question, Rishi was Leela’s boyfriend in Delhi. Yes I knew about her and I knew about her thick and thin in Delhi.

“So you kept stalking me right?” Leela said

“People do make mistakes and I did as well, if that is what you trying to get to. Yes I had a fairly a good idea about you; after all I just couldn’t stop thinking of you”

Actually I had learnt my part of the lessons, there were so many things that came to surface, post we had parted that, I just happened to know about her. The Rishi guy was a son of a big shot, too much uncontrolled fun. He was involved in a Rave party at his friend’s farmhouse, in another incident; he was caught with drugs, though less in quantity, which would have made not much of a legal hassle for him; to get away with. Above all he was physically violent and abusive to Leela.

This was the entire insider story; outside, it all looked hunky-dory. But later on he was just losing it completely, throwing up in parties, embarrassing friends and guests. No control over the tongue, turning so moody and sorry all together and all at the same time, he became intolerable to others in general. The guy had crossed limits; six months back when he gave punch on her stomach and blackened her eyes. After which Leela could not sustain is any longer and sneaked out of Delhi. This had been happening in the last year and half I would say. She was with the guy after all the odds. Why the beating and stuff well this was all because she tried to get him to a Rehabilitation centre. Well lately that guy had to be transferred to Rehabilitation centre and in under the close observation with regards to trafficking of drugs from the cops. Things got dirty for which he had to pay a lot in cash, he was left with a final warning.

I had nothing to do with any of this, I just happened to be at the police station for a problem during my desk job to cover a few things up for a colleague of mine, which is all for which I had to be at the police station. There this guy Rishi and Leela, they were caught and brought to the police station. The guy was dead drunk and was rashly driving; hit the divider on the road, the cops got hands on him. He abused the cop who caught him and made a lot of fuss to and inside the police station. He was with Leela who did not leave Rishi’s sight. I got to know the story behind the guy and a lot of things.

The top cop inside told me it is really difficult to deal with such ……. can’t take them in for long and can’t leave them out either. I just told him the girl should not be named or to be brought in the purview of anything of it. He looked at me a bit surprised. I said I know her and I owe you one for this, it is just personal. He never asked me another question but asked the inspector to check in the girl, if she is not drunk let her take the car and go. If she is also drunk drop her back home. Do not note or mention her in the records, she was never a part of all this. All I could say was Thanks.

Obviously this all happened hidden behind in another room and Leela does not know about it. When she went off I did have a view at Rishi he was kept in, rest is huff! Waste of time.

“So would you like to talk, or you wanna run away as you did with all your problems?” I could have been soft. Well yes I could have been and I should have been, but there is something that had changed me. I was not bothered much about being sensitive. Yes I did love her, but that does not mean to be taken for a ride, to be taken for granted. You know it becomes so difficult to act, talk sense with anger inside you. My brains all working and then…

On the phone I could hear her sobbing


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