Nirmalaya 2015

The festival of Ganesh Chaturti! The idea behind starting of this festival was to get the people together, being together always help to build confidence and harmony. It also symbolizes for the birthday of Lord Ganesh, the Lord of knowledge, wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. The 10 day festival ends with the idol immersion (visarjan) of Lord Ganesha’s in the water. It is a very […]

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Who is failing Make in India

Can a person earning 30-50k a month decide how and what is good way of running a business worth millions? Welcome the dysfunctional support system for establishing a business. The financial institutions, so called banks or being more specific scheduled banks specially the banks runs by the government. I may presume that atleast once in our lives we have visited government run banks; do they […]

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I put forward my case!

Indian laws misguiding, misfiring nobody else but the youth! I have always restrained myself for giving personal opinions! Being said that I read, time and over again ‘fools are full of confidence and intelligent are full of doubts’. I decided to turn tables. Morning walks are under police protection, My routine morning walk, a bunch of police personnel were walking as well. First I thought […]

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New thoughts derived from old wisdom

Antiquity of literature is just not only the history one may know, yesterday is also history which was lived, may be not by the noble, but then again who am I to judge? Old wisdom is a school; which acts, behaves, reacts, reverts, absorbs, repel, chock’s and free; one’s mind in different ways expected, known, accustomed, ¬†unexpected, unilateral and misunderstood. Today I stand to know […]

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Think before you support! especially…..

Enlighten me with practicality is my cry Rs. 50,000 for launching a complaint, if proven wrong you go to prison for 3 years OMG get a life I better pay the bribe and relax in life right, well that is the fact and that is what is going to happen, hanging the corrupt; you and I know how many have ever been caught, forget about […]

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I could not write… so I wrote!

Interesting things happening, firstly I would like to say I do write except for Gita, but that is a series which I shall be completing and lately running short of time; so yeah, that is all I was able to post! There is this enigmatically crazy thing called past; people are enmeshed enliven in that past, I inquired what is so great about it? You […]

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