The dilapidating brought to life

 No matter how much wear and tear might have torn down, a winner would always have the attitude and the look as the man of substance   The dust flying blurring the vision, is also a proof that you are moving ahead   Just too much of clarity would not give you the best picture, it needs subtle impurities as well   The view that […]

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Nature N Man Made

The irony of the extremes, the photo shoot is a combined shoot of a sunday morning drive and a visit to water bottling plant. Instead of talking about it much have a look at the photos and you could see the difference. How could be compare the both well have a look!   No matter how perfect things may look but can never help you […]

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Candid Life and Life in formation

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A drive around the lake

There are times when we think too much, where we plan too much, there are times when we wait too much, there are times when we tell too much, times when we listen too much, when; honestly we expect too much! A drive around the lake was nothing close to it. There was no agenda; there was no absolute clarity exactly what I am going […]

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First Showers in the city

Blessings are in patches, wait for it… The smell of the first rains… Speed of the bird or of the cow; may not necessarily guarantee reaching the destination first… the destination is your own No matter where you are, you need to start from there… The same vision may be for hope or despair… The obstacles in accomplishing something, may become a rememberable  ride with friends Vision is the only barrier… […]

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A short trip…

The barred invisible fences The Isolation in the crowd The courage to stand Wishes and walking roads The irony and the vision The vision of life The Rush and the Wait The burning wait Halt at motion The beauty of being there The vision from a toddler’s view The Goal, the win, the persuasion

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