Natural break

I always wanted to capture the sound in my photography, however it just seemed perfect when there was no traffic Have seen more seasons, know the weather change; more than that, relished the seasons in the open than glass walls Life is looking complicated however, every day is streamlined and independent of the other, keep the hopes high The ripples would overlap however would not limit spreading, […]

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If lost then only can be found

I was told the best way to know a city is to get lost in that city. However when I had heard it, I did not understand! Later though I understood what it is to be a tourist and what it is to be a traveler. I; like many other souls present on the face of this earth love to travel and explore new places. […]

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Gorewada Reserve

The Sunday morn tryst at Gorewada Reserve, Nagpur This reserve for developed on 1912 by the water works department then, way before I and you were born to provide with drinking water to the people of Nagpur. It is a perfect break in the nature, endless trail to be walked and chirping birds to your ears. It is a 8 km walk, surrounding the lake […]

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A round around the city in the night

Combination of lights, the different colours of life Speed may be blur, check enroute to destination desired Shift the view, chose peace over thrill Time the bookkeeper of our doings Choice of route is upto you The same colour but different shades, try something new in life Limelight may not be unidirectional The blur is another blessing as you know the actual vision

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Random clicks partial BW

Some food for thought!!! Some memories down the lane!!! Everything that glitters is not gold Colours are just the part of life

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Still and Motion


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The dilapidating brought to life

 No matter how much wear and tear might have torn down, a winner would always have the attitude and the look as the man of substance   The dust flying blurring the vision, is also a proof that you are moving ahead   Just too much of clarity would not give you the best picture, it needs subtle impurities as well   The view that […]

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Nature N Man Made

The irony of the extremes, the photo shoot is a combined shoot of a sunday morning drive and a visit to water bottling plant. Instead of talking about it much have a look at the photos and you could see the difference. How could be compare the both well have a look!   No matter how perfect things may look but can never help you […]

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Candid Life and Life in formation

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A drive around the lake

There are times when we think too much, where we plan too much, there are times when we wait too much, there are times when we tell too much, times when we listen too much, when; honestly we expect too much! A drive around the lake was nothing close to it. There was no agenda; there was no absolute clarity exactly what I am going […]

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