To live or to articulate living?

Beautiful lines, got me thinking I did not write them, these lines are translated hence please try and relate to the crux than the words. However I may assure you mid life crisis could not have been explained in fashion, any better than these lines. I am sure you would be able to relate to live and living, midst and stuck! More importantly it is […]

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What has changed since…

The only constant is change! We are mere actors performing… at times I wonder who is the audience and then I looked around, I seek no more answers. Habits have changed to addictions and addictions have become way of life, way of life has become benchmarks and the greatest illusion that a thing can only be done this way, period! Any other way sounds like […]

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May I ask?

Why love, Motivation, Inspiration, living is more important than ever before? We have progressed from being apes to humans, humans to social animals, but life actually throws us instances where one may feel, that not all could become the social and restricted themselves to just being the animals! For the time being lets just not be judgmental about anything and explore the happenings in our […]

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I can feel you…breath

What is rains if not just water pouring from the sky above? What is long drives, if not creating memories to cherish?A drug that would work post expiry of its lifetime; if not love? What are feelings; if not from the depths of the hearts for someone? What is that something that motivates to be the best you are; if you haven’t found a person […]

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How? What? Love! (read how about love!)

Love is just not black and white, not really true and false, surely not logical and not logical, love can be bad and worse, surely good and enlightening. Love comes in all sizes and shapes. A love for a dog; a love for another human being; love for spouse; love for a celebrity; love for things; love for collecting coins, stamps, etc. love for adventure, […]

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The obsession…

Human race is one bloody greedy species alive on the face of this earth. Well to add more to it is, that human race is absolutely hypocrite. Human race fights it’s own kind since history; to mark a piece of designated piece of land to his name; that name lasts for years until somebody else marks to his name. The surprises does not end there, […]

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