Chapter 11: Transit in action

Now one thing was sure that Payal is fine, the next was getting the guy down. I had only 10 minutes to my commitment and the clock ticking. I hate to be late! Turning back was off to get back to where it started from. I could see Raj coming from the gate, I guess he is hitting for the washroom, still shaking his right […]

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Chapter 10: Return the favour

I said “By all means please tell me” Ashutosh Rane “Wait for my call” The line just went dead, it was like not even a millisecond here and there and it was dead. Never mind I owe him and there is no denying about it so no worries. I turned to Payal just to complete my rest of lines, picked the glass from the table […]

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Chapter 9: Cut calls, past commitments and present with some future….

The quick change, so that I just don’t look wasted after reaching, the drive was hardly 5 minutes, especially with no traffic compared to what there is; during the normal rush hours. The funny point is that every day we crib about traffic; still we don’t think twice to fire the ignition to action. I wished we had dedicated roads to areas and locations. What […]

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Chapter 8: The call and call waiting

It is close to 1am in the night, with all the sobbing and calming Leela down, we were just off to move ahead and talk it out, things that we should have spoken long time back. Things that would have made a lot of difference when things were going wrong; things we should have spoken when every breath was of togetherness! Finally with Leela’s sobbing […]

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Chapter 7: The good old memories

Leela’s next birthday was round the corner with me, but I had something else altogether planned for her. Her college got over, got a bunch of friends, the ones in her so called group and my few left friends. I took her to the lake, well actually lot of us together took her for small little drive. What would a guy do? Taking the girl […]

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Chapter 6: The call still on

There were a zillions questions and a trillion things to tell, all I could say was “How have you been in so many years?” “It has been four years and three months, a few days here and there I would say” Leela said “Ok so who is being the filmy style?” “Happens” I could not get into a stupid argument for which all I said […]

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Chapter 5: Ex post facto

Everybody has a past, I had one and so did she. Above all I was not the type would seek somebody who has fallen from the heavens just for me. I just had a simple theory, once an ex is always an ex come what may. The past I had, been said done and over a year back. It is so surprising that with the […]

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Chapter 4: Friends and reasons

Friends would be friends and I was so happy to have so many of them, I needed a break-through to her, got to know her friends. A sheepish smile to say simply that now her friends are my friends too. Luckily I knew somebody in her group pretty well so entry was fixed. A call a few chit chat sweet talks and got to know […]

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Chapter 3: A flash back of the start

Leela an austere beauty, the moon is not even close to the spotless beauty that she was, but all that glitters is not gold and I did not take much time to realise it though, if you say 4 years is not much time? She was so beautiful there was nothing else one could think of her except to stare (if to be put in […]

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Chapter 2: The everlasting call

Some unknown number “hi” “Hey where are you?” it was Payal “Home” as if a question to be asked. “Get ready I am coming to pick you up, there is a cool party going on, at Demons” “Payal I am really not in a mood and I really, really very, very exhausted catch you up tomorrow, by the way whose number is this?” Some wired […]

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